Helping families and businesses plan for and protect their immediate and long-term futures.

Helping families and businesses plan for and protect their immediate and long-term futures.


Develop a plan for your family. Designate your fiduciaries. Save your family from the time, expense, grief and hassle of guardianship and probate proceedings. Enjoy a seamless transition between many generations. Minimize estate and gift taxes. Protect your beneficiaries’ interests. Control how your assets are maintained and distributed to your designated beneficiaries even after you’ve passed.


Grieving the loss of a loved one is painful enough without having to be thrown into their affairs. Learn the process. Gain comfort knowing we will counsel and navigate you through it from start to finish; representing your best interests at every stage of the proceedings. Feel relief knowing we will administer the estate as quickly, smoothly and supportively as possible so you can focus on what’s really important.


Protect the foundation of your startup or existing business. Form the appropriate entity for your needs. Solidify comprehensive governing documents. Strengthen agreements with customers, employees, partners and vendors. Gain unique insight and counsel. Protect your intellectual property and enforce and defend your rights.

Smooth transitions between generations

Bypass the hassle of probate and guardianship proceedings. Save your family from immersing itself in your business and financial affairs so they can grieve in peace and move on with their lives as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Control every aspect of their inheritance even beyond your death.

Eliminate the need for probate proceedings

Probate is time consuming, expensive, unpredictable, not private, painful for your family and is often completely avoidable.

Eliminate the need for guardianship proceedings

If incapacitated by illness or injury, guardianship is time consuming, expensive, unpredictable, not private, painful for your family and is often completely avoidable.

Control all aspects of your beneficiaries' inheritance

Your state will choose who inherits your property if you fail to plan ahead. This sometimes has very undesirable consequences. Planning enables you to control all aspects of your beneficiaries’ inheritance even beyond your death, including the timing, manner and conditions of distributions. Keep property in your family or bloodline. Protect and preserve your beneficiaries’ interests in their inheritance from themselves if financially irresponsible and their lurking creditors or future creditors.

Reduce if not eliminate estate, gift and GST taxes

The laws are unpredictable at best. With tax rates topping 50%, failing to plan may result in the United States Treasury inheriting much of your estate instead of your family. Use time tested strategies and techniques that get results.

Shield your assets from creditors

Take advantage of assets that are “off limits” to creditors. Isolate and Insulate your business assets. Protect the assets of your beneficiaries to ensure your assets remain in your family for generations.

Give your business protection and direction

Form the most appropriate business entity for your business, legal, tax and accounting needs. Execute proper governing documents, which are important because they provide for all aspects of the business’s operations, including management and operations, ownership, liabilities, restrictions on transferring interests, income tax treatment, allocations of profits and losses among owners, and each partner’s rights and obligations. Make sure your contracts are strong.

Designate health care surrogate and power of attorney

Designate who you wish to make health care decisions on your behalf when you are unable to do so. Choose who will serve as your attorney-in-fact over your financial and administrative affairs.

Obtain peace of mind

Planning ahead effectively enables your estate to pass seamlessly to your beneficiaries in accordance with your specifications. Their interests are preserved and protected for generations by avoiding probate and guardianship, minimizing taxes and avoiding keeping their interests away from creditors.

Flexible and affordable representation

Relative to other firms, our fees are generally fixed and substantially lower. We can afford to charge lower fees given our overhead, innovation and efficiency in our operations. Not only are our fees lower, but we offer alternative fee agreements, such as offering you the ability to pay over time. Some clients use their credit cards. Others pay over the course of a year. Being affordable and flexible makes it very hard for our clients to forego planning because of financial limitations.

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