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Attorney-Client Fit Matters

Attorney-Client Fit Matters

By: Barry E. Haimo, Esq.
August 15, 2014

As an estate and business planning attorney, I work only with families and businesses. It’s a niche legal practice, but it’s still a big universe. I have a very diverse client base, differing in wealth, organization, education, sophistication, experience and goals. Some are newlyweds, new parents, and recently divorced. Others are entrepreneurs, existing business owners, families and families of the recently deceased.

What I’ve noticed is that they all have, in particular, at least four things in common with one another: i) a strong desire to consistently be on top of their fundamental estate and financial planning needs; ii) the belief in Haimo Law’s Trifecta of Representation, i.e. our team approach of working together with an accountant and financial planner to satisfy these needs and achieve their goals; iii) cost effective legal representation; and iv) appreciation for the personal and long-term relationship that is created between clients and the firm.

Our firm’s approach to legal representation is definitely unique. We are unlike other firms that are ecstatic at the prospect of a new client walking through the door. It’s impractical and not economically feasible for every client to receive the level of attention and dedication that Haimo Law delivers to each and every client. It is for this reason that we don’t want to represent just any client, we strive to attract and only work with the right clients; clients that value the four tenets set forth above.

Some insight into Haimo Law

Each interaction with a client presents a unique opportunity for us to prove our devotion to customer service and commitment to helping families and businesses achieve their goals.

We understand complicated family and business dynamic and exhibit an empathetic bedside manner.  Our team approach prioritizes relationships, leverages technology and focuses on fundamentals. The result is a distinct and refreshing experience.

We work with accountants and financial planners to help families and businesses get organized, protect and preserve assets for generations and leave behind a legacy they can be proud of. Practicing exclusively in the area of estate and business planning, Haimo Law is a boutique law firm that represents clients in preparing wills and trusts, administering estates, addressing business issues and creating asset protection plans and structures.

Does this sound like the right fit for you, your family or your business?