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2 – Can’t I just Use Computer Software?

Can’t I just Use Computer Software?


Yes, you absolutely can use computer software to address your estate and business planning needs.  Your options range from simple to complex programs. You need to know exactly what documents you need, and how to prepare and execute them properly, which is difficult unless you’re a professional.  There’s a conspicuously placed disclaimer that reminds you that they are not providing legal representation.  After all, these programs are merely algorithms that ask a few questions and spit out a document that is “tailored to your needs”.  The algorithm cannot possibly ask all the right questions and certainly does not know all the right solutions and combinations of solutions that are available. I have a bachelors of science in computer information science from the Warrington College of Business Administration at the University of Florida. I know how to make computer programs so I’m familiar with the simplified process that these computerized services use. Based on my background in computers and my professional training, I highly caution you about utilizing these computer programs unless you have no other choice. In fact, I spend quite a bit of time cleaning up messes caused by computer programs. 


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