Who Are the Parties in a Limited Partnership?

1 – Haimo Law Representation Road Map

At Haimo Law, we prioritize client education. We believe in transparency and managing expectations. Like you, when we retain the services of a person or business, we want to gain an understanding of:

  • what the service entails
  • a road map of the process from start to finish
  • what’s expected of the client
  • what’s expected from us
  • a reasonable estimate of the cost of services and other related expenses
  • the timeline of performance and delivery of work (if applicable)


Our Representation Road Map provides this information and also contains our current fee schedule. It outlines the process, which consists of at least the following:

First, we will send you a brief introductory survey.  Then we will need sit down together for an initial consultation. We generally meet clients where it is more comfortable for them, which is at their home or office. This time is utilized in order to obtain all material information relevant to your needs and desires. Focusing on fundamentals, we’ll discuss your existing plan and the 3F’s: family, finances and future goals.

Second, after the meeting, you will receive a short summary of our meeting along with a few helpful resources. We will quickly schedule a follow-up discussion to finalize the details of your plan. Once confirmed, preparation of your customized documents will begin and we can meet within two weeks to execute your documents in compliance with the formalities required by Florida law.

Third, you will then receive a binder containing copies of your documents within two weeks and a short survey, which provides valuable feedback and helps us in our insatiable quest to constantly improve the quality of service we provide.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or feel that something is missing. We look forward to working together.




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